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Great Pioneer in the AOA Media Corner

September 27, 2010
AOA Great Pioneer Sister Anne E. Brooks, DO, was featured in a story that aired over the weekend on various PBS stations across the country. In the story, filmed as part of PBS’s “Religion & Ethics Newsweekly,” Dr. Brooks is shown treating patients at her Tutwiler Clinic in the rural Mississippi Delta, one of the poorest and most medically underserved regions in the U.S. With about one-in-five people in the state without coverage, Mississippi has one of the highest levels of uninsured in the country. The video describes Dr. Brooks’ many successes in changing the health care climate in this depressed area and her efforts to further improve the region’s health through increased funding and access to care. Watch the video here.

Media Corner Features DO Sleep Expert

September 20, 2010
AOA member Carol Ash, DO, was a guest on the 9/8/10 "Dr. Oz" show, "Why Women Can't Sleep." On the show, Dr. Ash discussed several possible reasons why some women may have problems sleeping, including hormonal changes and stress. Nearly half of all American women find it harder to get a good night's sleep once they hit perimenopause and menopause. To help them get more sleep, Dr. Ash recommends strategies such as eating melatonin-rich and sleep-promoting foods; try taking a melatonin supplement; and eating well and exercising. Lean more on the Dr. Oz website.

Media Corner Spotlights DO Wellness Leader

September 13, 2010
AOA member Paul Ehrmann, DO, was recently featured in Prosper, an electronic newsletter about economic development in Oakland County, Mich. The article, "Doctor Finds Innovative Ways to Promote Wellness in Oakland County," describes Dr. Ehrmann's osteopathic approach to treating obesity in families, particularly the need to treat the whole family, not just the children or their parents. Dr. Ehrmann offers weight management counseling services at his Family Health Care Center, including diet and exercise consultations, and is preparing to launch a pilot program called the Health Education and Living (HEAL) that focuses on three components: weight management, fitness and lifestyle modification. Read the article online, and learn more about HEAL on Dr. Ehrmann's website.